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xUI Configurator changes the install configuration of Neverwinter Nights 2 game
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After you've installed xUI start NWN2 and load a game. You will realize that xUI already has made some changes to the UI. However, most of these changes can be configured by using the xUI Options menu. To do so open the Options menu, there you will find a new entry "xUI Options". Click on it to open the xUI Options screen. Everything should be self explanatory.
If you hover over text or a checkbox you will get a help popup after a few secons (depends on your game settings).

Changes to the install configuration (add/delete optional packages) can be made via the xUI Configurator. You will find a link to it in your Windows start menu in the xUI folder.

xUI creates a folder in your Windows Startmenu from where you can start the xUI Configurator, the uninstaller and where you will find a link to the xUI website.

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